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Best Kids Mentoring Program | BNAofGWDCA

Best Kids Mentoring Program

BEST Kids is a nonprofit mentoring organization that empowers youth in foster care to build better futures, one child at a time.

BEST Kids is the gold standard mentoring organization, providing every child in foster care with at least one stable and long-lasting relationship with a positive adult to support kids’ life challenges, transitions, and to act as a bridge for achieving their dreams.

Fun-We provide and strive to maintain a fun environment.

Care, Compassion, Love-We welcome, value and accept kids as they are.

Relationships-We create meaningful and impactful mentor / mentee relationships through quality time.

Support-We are committed to provide unconditional support to mentees as they grow and pursue their individual passions and dreams.

Teamwork– We maintain an atmosphere where all stakeholders contribute to and are accountable for our success and stability, and we build and nurture relationships through an appreciation for volunteers and staff.

Contact Us

Black Nurses Association of Greater Washington DC Area
Post Office Box 55285, Washington, DC 20040
Email:  |