About the President

If you love nursing, you have come to the right site. I cannot imagine any organization I would rather be a part of than this one. An organization laden with tradition and members who have aspired to serve the Black community in the Greater Washington, Metropolitan Area for 40 years. If you are an RN or LPN, come and carve out a place among us, whether it is through community service, health policy initiatives, or our mentoring and scholarship programs. Or come with your own unique experiences and challenge us with new ideas. If you are a student nurse or contemplating nursing as a profession, you will be in awe of the knowledge and expertise at your fingertips... literally. You do not have to go it alone. Please take note of our calendar ... we also have fun. And for those of you who wish to be a benefactor, we welcome your support. Thank you for visiting our site.


Pier Broadnax, President
Black Nurses Association of Greater Washington, DC Area