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Scholarships | BNAofGWDCA


Each year the Black Nurses Association of Greater Washington, DC, Area (BNA-GWDCA) offers four scholarships to African American licensed nurses and student nurses who are residents of the District of Columbia and adjacent counties of the State of Maryland, namely Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, Howard, Montgomery & Prince Georges counties. Interested individuals may download copies of the desired scholarship application from this site. Carefully, review applications for eligibility requirements.

The Johnella Banks Memorial Scholarship and the Veronica S. Longstreth Scholarship for students enrolled in a BSN, ADN, LPN, MSN, DNP, or PhD program and the Felicia Brady Scholarship for licensed nurses (LPN, ADN or BSN) enrolled in an educational program for advancement to the next level of nursing education are available, annually.

The deadline date for the Banks and Brady, and Longstreth Scholarships is January 31 each year.

The Margaret Pemberton Scholarship, Founders Scholarship, and the Veronica S. Longstreth Scholarship are available to graduating seniors of high schools located in the District of Columbia and adjacent counties of the state of Maryland (see counties listed above).

The deadline date for the Pemberton and Founders Scholarships is April 15 each year.

The National Black Nurses Association offers scholarships each year, see for information and eligibility requirements.


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