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We Deliver Program

America’s beverage companies are playing a vital role in helping address obesity and supporting the efforts of our consumers to find balance in what they eat, drink and do. In 2014, the American Beverage Association, The Coca-Cola Company, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and PepsiCo partnered with The Alliance for a Healthier Generation on the Balance Calories Initiative. Through the initiative the companies will be working to reduce beverage calories consumed in the American diet by 20 percent nationally by 2025. Reaching this goal will not be easy. Along with providing consumers more lower- and no-calorie beverage options, as well as smaller portion sizes, the companies are also implementing a first-of-its-kind National Calorie Awareness System to encourage people to consider their calories at the point-of-sale before choosing the option that fits their lifestyle. And through our Mixify™ program we are supporting Mom’s efforts in educating teens about the importance of balancing beverage calories with what they eat and do.

For more information on the commitment, visit And teens can learn more about Mixify™ and get their nutrition questions answered at


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